Last night Charlotte flipped the F out for the following reasons:

  • I wouldn’t let her drink the bubbles.
  • I put the bubbles away.
  • We ran out of bubbles after she won the bubble battle of wills.
  • I wouldn’t hold her upside down to watch TV.
  • I wouldn’t let her break my glasses (video proof on my Facebook).
  • I had to put my phone away after letting her watch the video of herself crying over my glasses over 15 times.
  • I fed her black beans.
  • There were no more black beans to eat.
  • I tried to feed her myself when she only wants to feed herself.
  • I cleaned the spinach leaves off of her face that she got from trying to feed herself.
  • I wouldn’t let her touch the hot water knob in the bath tub.

Babies are the best.

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