Charlie girl is LOVING the summer weather!  She was outside every day this weekend and has been in the greatest of moods.  On Friday my mom and I took her to the zoo, on Saturday we had her cousin’s first birthday party where she ran around and played in the kiddie pool for hours and hours, and yesterday I had her outside playing with her water table and going for walks.  I have used so much sun screen in the past few days that I think I should buy stock in it.  I swear, I am slathering it on her every few minutes because I’m so afraid of sunburns.  At one point yesterday I gave up on even rubbing it in and she was just covered in white streaks.  She’s getting such a nice tan though, and her hair is turning lighter by the day.  I’m even getting a little color too and have stopped looking like a translucent light bulb.  I hope for more sunny summer days without humidity because then my ass will be in the house because I love my daughter but I’m not playing outside when it’s humid.

I hope everyone had a good father’s day!  Shout out to the dads out there that do the hard stuff.  Shout out to my baby daddy – you’re #1!

Also, in completely unrelated news, while my child has been sleeping so much better as of late, this morning she decided to wake up at 4:45 because she wanted to play with her fucking Frozen ride-on toy.  So at 5 AM I had to hear all of the frozen songs repeatedly as she unsuccessfully tried to drag it into the kitchen and ride it in there.  I’m starting to think I’ll be removing batteries from a lot of things before I am forced to remove my brain.  Since then all I am singing in my head is “do you want to build a snowmannnnnnnnn?” and Frozen was over like two years ago.

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