Ahhh the toddler days are getting better and better.  In case you heard some blood curdling screams last night around 6 PM, I hope you weren’t alarmed.  It was just my daughter throwing the fit of all fits because I wouldn’t let her stir the pound of macaroni in the boiling water.  What a horrible mother I am, right?  She would take no distractions and screamed and screamed as Eric held her as she tried to lunge for the giant pot of steaming water.  Honestly, I wish she could cook meals for me.  It’s a shame she doesn’t know what she’s doing and would end up with third degree burns.  The second she can wield a knife and hot water without grievous injury, my cooking hat is being hung up and she’s doing the dirty work.  We’ll see who is crying then.

If you heard some blood curdling screams at 6 AM this morning, a mere 12 hours later, I also do not want you to be alarmed.  Charlotte was just royally pissed off that I was finished brushing my teeth when she wasn’t finished brushing my teeth.  I made the mistake of showing her how to do this and every single morning she has to hold the toothbrush and jam it down my throat.  She laughs hysterically and she loves it far more than she should.  But there comes a point where my mouth is full of toothbrush suds and I’m starting to choke, and I don’t really want to check out of this world choking on toothpaste, so I finish the teeth routine.  She’s never ready for it to end, so she throws herself on the floor and screams.


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