Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend, even though it was 9 billion degrees and we all know how much I just loveeeee that. (Spoiler alert: I hate summer.)  We had such a nice weekend with our little Charlie girl!  On Saturday my mom and I ran errands while she napped and went out for a nice breakfast and then I went over to my friends house to hang out for a while with her kids.  Charlotte got to run around in a ball pit which was heaven on Earth for her.  She was trying to hard to shove every ball in her mouth and choke on it, probably just so I would freak out.

On Sunday Eric and I decided we’d take her to the Queens Zoo.  We’d never been there before, but it was close enough and small enough for us to conquer in the heat.  Charlotte didn’t particularly give a shit about anything at the zoo, but I guess that’s par for the course with a 15 month old.  She liked looking at the animals, but wouldn’t get close enough to the goats or sheep to feed them, which is fine by me because they were pretty disgusting looking.  After that we walked to the Lemon Ice King of Corona and cooled off with some ices which she could not get enough of and then went back home to BBQ while she took a nap.  I tried to give her a bite of my burger and some macaroni salad but she spit it out and wiped her tongue off as if I gave her rat poison.  We played outside a little more and she slept all night until 5 AM!  She woke up once during Game of Thrones and started screaming but we just turned the monitor off and ignored her ass.  Nobody interrupts Game of Thrones!

Yesterday was particularly shitty weather wise.  Eric got up with her so I could sleep in (thanks boo) and then I went out with my friend and her son for a few hours to go shopping and go to lunch.  Charlotte decided she would stage a revolution in Old Navy and I had to purchase salad dressing containers to amuse her because that’s the only thing she wanted.  Who knew Old Navy sold salad dressing containers?  I don’t even know what I’m going to do with them now because they are so tiny and she, of course, no longer gives a shit about them.  She took a long nap in the afternoon, and then Eric and I took her to Ben’s Deli where she was super well behaved, even though she wanted to run around the restaurant a few times and point at the balloons.  But we all managed to eat dinner without any major interruptions and that’s a win in my book!

All in all it was great to spend quality time as a family of three.  It’s hard for us because of our schedules to always be together without Eric being on the verge of exhaustion on Saturdays, so three day weekends are prime time to do things together.  This weekend she mastered saying mama, which makes my heart explode every time I hear it.  Oh how I love this family of mine so much!

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