This morning Charlotte woke up in her crib at 4:47 AM despite my attempts to will her back to sleep with my mind powers.  I brought her to bed with me and she snuggled next to me and nursed and I thought she would go back to bed and we could sleep for another hour before my alarm went off.

At 5 AM Charlotte stood up in my bed against my wishes of slumber.  I lazily put the TV on to Henry Hugglemonster (thanks for the 24/7 programming, Disney Jr.) and closed my eyes as she lay her head on my neck and snuggled in again.   I thought I could wrap my arms around her and fall back asleep as she watched the show.

At 5:03 AM Charlotte continually poked me in the eyes so I would wake up and watch Henry fucking Hugglemonster with her.

at 5:06 AM Charlotte had enough of Hennry the shit Hugglemonster and lunged for the remote to the lights and ceiling fan.

At 5:07 AM Charlotte turned the lights on full power and the fan on full blast.

At 5:08 AM mommy gave the fuck up and went to make coffee.

At 11:10 AM Charlotte is napping for her babysitter and I’m sitting at my desk thinking how silly I was when I thought I knew what tired meant before I had a kid.

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