It’s about damn time that the weather is a bit nicer than the rain and chilly gloom we’ve had lately.  Last night when I got home from work I decided to just bring Charlotte out in the front courtyard of our place to run around and have some strawberries on a blanket that I put down for us.  I figured it’s better to spend the time I have with her when I get home outdoors instead of cooped up in the house as I try to force feed her vegetables in a high chair because I’m the meanest mother ever.

It’s pretty amusing to see just how much of a little girl she is becoming and leaving the baby behind.  I’m able to just let her walk free and experience things now and I really enjoy it.  Last night she experienced her reflection in a car door, what a rock tastes like, what dirt tastes like, and that you’ll get yelled at if you try to put sticks in your mouth.  We’re making memories here, people.

I have a tendency in life to hover and not want anything to be dirty, but I’m trying hard to just let that go when it comes to Charlotte and playing.  Every fiber of my being wanted to run in the house and get wipes last night to clean her every five seconds, but I just decided to be in the moment and enjoy it.  So what if she licked her hands after touching a dirty car?  What’s the worst that can actually happen?  Probably some kind of poisoning, but I’m not going to google it.  When she sat in my lap covered in flower petals with dirt covered hands and ate some strawberries (I wouldn’t let her pick them up, I can deal with dirt but not dirt AND strawberry juice mixed together) I realized that this is what I dreamed of when I wanted a baby.  These are the moments I wanted.  They’re the moments I will remember when she continually wakes up in the middle of the night and I want to throw myself out of a fucking window.  I love her so.

Now you can tune in next week when I have a blog post that details the horrifying consequences to eating dirt off a car.  I’m sure something is coming our way.

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