With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the moms I know and love in my life. I have so many cousins and friends that are moms and moms-to-be that I’ve lost count. My Facebook and Instagram feed is filled with babies growing up and babies who will be born and it’s just such a wonderful time when you and everyone you love has a baby. Especially in friendships, your relationships begin to evolve to a new and deeper level. We’re no longer talking about nights out drinking and instead discussing how the Hot Dot song has more than one verse when you download the album and whether or not it’s acceptable to sing it in a falsetto opera voice to keep your child awake in the car when you’re five minutes away from home. It is the best of times. 

In all honesty I wouldn’t be able to function in society without my mommy army. Sometimes when I’ve been so exhausted I was certain today would be the day I’d die from it, a text from one of them would bring me back to earth and make me laugh and forget how tired I was for a second. If I needed some advice it was only a text message away.  I have a wealth of options when it comes to play dates for Charlotte and I love that she is going to grow up with so many amazing babies. Today I’d like to take a second to talk about just a few of the amazing moms I know. I’m going to be leaving some out, I’m sure, because I know a lot at this point. Don’t be offended. I love you too! 😉

My Cousins — Brianne, Meagan, Lynda & Daniella.  Between the 5 of us we’ve got 7 little ones that started the new generation of Montalto cousins. I’m truly in awe of all of you.  You’re amazing mothers and have all given me wonderful advice when I needed it. You’ve made me laugh, given me strength, understood me when nobody else does, and I’m so happy our kids will not only be family but grow up to be friends. I love you all and celebrate you this Mother’s Day. 

Some of My Friends — Lisarae, I don’t even know where to start with you. You understood me better than I understood myself when I first had Charlotte. You let me cry to you, you fed me, you held my projectile puking baby without batting an eye. You have two beautiful kids of your own and you’re one of the best, most easy going moms I’ve ever seen. I’ve looked up to you since the beginning and I love how our friendship has taken a new turn in mommyhood.  I can’t wait until our kids get married! Britt, thank God we met on that walk one day, because our kids are two of the biggest asshole sleepers on the planet and you’re the only one who truly understands the depths of my despair and misery sometimes. Thanks for always being a few doors down for a walk, a glass of wine, or just to get our kids together so we don’t kill ourselves!

My moms-to-be — Briana and Shanna, I can’t wait until the little boys are here to join our breakfast dates. Saturday mornings are my favorite because of you guys. We’ve gone from learning to drive together in the mall parking lot to installing car seats. You’re going to be the best moms and we’re going to have the best times! But please remember, if the boys are good sleepers you’re not allowed to tell me or else I’ll go insane.

Last but not least, My Mama — oh mommy, you’ve been my best friend since the beginning. I wanted a girl so I could have with her what I have with you. I have so much fun when it’s me, you and Charlie girl! You’ve given me the greatest example of what it means to be a mother and what love is. I hope you know how much I love you every day, but especially on Mother’s Day. 

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