Last night after I put the beast to bed and cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, I was browsing my Facebook when I came across the following story on multiple platforms.  I’m going to post the one from Scary Mommy, because it’s quickly become one of my favorite websites.


We’ve all seen the Mean Tweets sketch by Jimmy Fallon that is always hilarious, so before I watched this I thought it would follow along the same lines.

It doesn’t.

I hope everyone takes a look at this video.  It really, really got to me.  It got to me not only as a woman, but as a mother of a daughter.  I don’t know where Charlotte is going to end up in her life.  I don’t know what kind of woman she’ll be or what career will spark a passion in her.  I don’t know anything about her future right now.  But what I do know is that the Internet is going to play a huge role in her life and her future, and if what these two sports writers have to deal with is anything my daughter would have to deal with, it is sickening and makes me sad for humanity.  These women choose to write about sports as their career because they love sports.  They found their passion and they went with it.  How many people can say the same?  Can you imagine having to deal with hearing what these women hear on a daily basis?  If everyone was just a little bit nicer, maybe we wouldn’t have videos like this.  If we thought about the shitty things we type to strangers on the Internet being broadcasted for the world to see, maybe we wouldn’t write them.  I hope the people who wrote these tweets can see this video and see what disgusting human beings they are.  In all honesty, I feel terribly bad for their mothers.

Let’s be kinder.  Let’s be happier.  Let’s be better for our children.

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