Hi there! How was your night last night?  Did everyone sleep nicely?  That’s so great!  I hope you are all well rested.  I hope you trip and fall.

Just kidding.


The hardest thing to come to terms with in these 14 months with Charlotte is that she is the most unpredictable sleeper I’ve ever encountered.  How many posts have I have written that have her sleep as the main crux of our issues?  Probably half of them, if not more.  Every single night, for 14 months, I have no idea what’s going to happen after I put her to bed.  Will she wake up in an hour?  Will she wake up at 1, 2, 3, 4?  Will she go back to sleep after she wakes up?  Will she wake up 1 time, 2 times, all the time?  I literally never know.  It is so frustrating to go to bed every night and not know how many hours of sleep you’re going to get, or in my case, miss out on.

The easy part is putting Charlotte to bed.  She goes to bed between 7 and 7:15 every night.  Occasionally she will cry for a few minutes, but I’d say 90% of the time she goes to sleep without any issues whatsoever.  I have to be thankful for this, because I still remember the days of trying to get her in the crib for two hours every night.  But she still wakes up at random times, all the time.  Sunday night she slept from 7-4:15, kept me up for an hour and went back to bed until 7:20.  Last night she woke up at 1:45 and then proceeded to cry and scream for FORTY MINUTES in her crib.  I know she wanted to come into bed with me, but I’m not doing that shit at 2 AM anymore because then she keeps me up even longer because she acts like it’s the midnight buffet in Vegas and gorges herself for hours.  So I took the tough love approach and didn’t go into her room at all after I fed her and put her down and just let her scream as my soul slowly died.  At one point there was a cat outside that I’m guessing also had enough of her shit and the cat started crying and making terrible cat noises.  Charlotte heard this of course, so she would stop crying long enough to listen to the hideous cat noises and then just pick up stronger than ever.  It was a longgggggggg forty minutes.

After 14 months of this I’m fairly certain this is my life now and will be my life forever.  Being tired is just who I am now.  It should be on my license.  Samantha Gencarello, 5’1, brown eyes, eternally exhausted.

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