Before I got pregnant, I had a spotty memory at best.  Now my entire brain has been shot to shit by mommy brain.  It is a real thing and I dare anyone to deny it.  I will think of something to do and as I take the steps to do it, I forget it immediately.  It is so frustrating!  Yesterday is the perfect example of mommy brain going too far.

My dad was cleaning out the liquor cabinet at their home on Saturday and found half a bottle of Kahlua and naturally gave it to me.  He told me he was putting it on the side pocket of my baby bag that is reserved for bottles and sippy cups and what not.  When I got in the car I said to myself to not forget to take the bottle of Kahlua out of my bag.  Well let’s flash forward to Sunday afternoon, when I was getting ready to meet my friend at Kohl’s and for lunch when I said to myself to take the bottle of Kahlua out of my bag and remember to put Charlotte’s sippy cup in there so I could give her water.  Now I sat with Charlotte on a bench in front of Starbucks while I waited for my friend and her son, and low and behold the damn bottle of Kahlua is in my bag, sticking out pretty damn far, so everyone can see that my diaper bag is being used to store alcohol at 12:30 on a Sunday afternoon.  Of course, I forgot the sippy cup too.  I hastily threw the bottle in the bottom of the stroller and hid it under the high chair cover.  And then we went to lunch and I had to take the high chair cover out, and as my friendly graciously closed my stroller up for me, she turned around and politely asked me why I had a bottle of Kahlua straight chilling in my stroller.  Mommy brain strikes again.

Honestly, I think this is just my mind’s way of telling me subconsciously that I need alcohol more than Charlotte needs her sippy cup.

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