I’m going to thank my lucky stars that we have made it almost an entire year without an illness for Charlie girl.  She has had a runny nose and the sniffles before, but this weekend we got our first dreaded cold.  Coughing, faucet nose, general discomfort.  Is there anything worse than a sick baby?  NO THERE IS NOT.

I took her to the doctor on Thursday evening because Wednesday night she had THE WORST NIGHT OF SLEEP EVER and my babysitter said she was tugging her ear, so I immediately thought it was an ear infection.  Her ears and lungs were clear but the doctor said she was definitely starting to get her molars, which could lead to ear pulling.  She slept better on Thursday night but then woke up on Friday with a cough.  It was a little cough, but a cough.  Friday night she slept decent and only coughed a little bit, but Saturday all day she was all phlegmy and disgusting.  My mom and dad kept her over their house Saturday night so that Eric and I could go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and get some much needed sleep, and Charlotte decided she was going to keep Nonna and Grandpa John awake all night long.  All night loooong, all night, all night, ALL NIGHT LONGGGGGGGGGG.

She has continued coughing up until today and now I’m just starting to wonder if I should take her back to the doctor or if going to the doctor got her sick in the first place?  The snot is just a whole other issue of hell, but the coughing makes me want to weep.  She did sleep 10 hour straight last night and the coughing never woke her up and she has no fever, so I guess she’s okay?  I don’t fucking know.  I kept taking her temperature 150 times and trying to put saline drops up her nose and rubbing her entire face with coconut oil.  It was a fun weekend.

The worst part is now being at work knowing she doesn’t feel well.  I know she’s in good hands but I feel like shit for leaving her.  MEH.  Sometimes being a working mom blows.

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