My daughter may be going through a difficult sleep period (LOL like this entire year hasn’t been a difficult sleep period) thanks to two more bottom teeth and her one year molars making an appearance (paid a $25 co-pay yesterday for that gem of knowledge), but along with more and more slow and not so steady steps, Charlie girl is starting to say some shit.

She’s been saying dada for a while now, but now she knows exactly who dada is. She just said mama to me about 3 seconds ago when she wanted my attention. She says Spanky in her own adorable way. She started to say GO, and just this morning when she pointed to the clock and I kept saying clock over and over like a damn parrot, she said clock a whopping four times every time she saw it. She pronounced it “kwock” which is adorable, but part of me wanted her to pronounce it “cock” so when she starts saying that in front of people I could have a good chuckle at their facial expressions. It’s not a lot of words, but it’s a start!

Her favorite way to say mama is in her demon voice, which makes sense. It’s like she’s the demon overlord and I am her underling. She knows this. 

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