Yesterday afternoon, Charlotte Shea took her first steps in front of her mama and her daddy!! We could not have planned it any better.  And my friend was over as a witness to this occasion!  When I started working again back in July I was so afraid of missing things and not being the first to see it happen, but I have missed NOTHING.  All of the important stuff she has done when I’m there!

My neighbor came over yesterday with her son and while I was making us some coffee in the kitchen, Charlotte was standing holding onto the couch while Eric was sitting in the living room chatting.  We were LITERALLY discussing the fact that Charlotte doesn’t stand without support for longer than a few seconds, if at all, when she decided to take three steps right on over to my friend.  We were all yelling and clapping and she looked so proud of herself.  It’s as if she knew we were talking about her and decided to walk just to prove a point.

She hasn’t walked again but I don’t mind one bit.  I saw her first steps, so she can wait as long as she wants to really start going.  I’m afraid for the future of my life when she’s more mobile than she is now.  Then she’ll be walking and climbing and hanging off of things, and I’ll have more gray hair and be requesting more help in the form of alcohol.


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