The next time I write a “Life With Charlotte” post, she’ll be a year old. Let me be cliche again and again and again, why does it go so fast? It honestly feels like there has been some sort of time machine that fast forwarded every day for the past 11 months. And the weird thing is some of those days seemed to have lasted forrrreevvvvverrrrr, but now they’re gone in the blink of an eye.  Make it stop!!

My sweet 11 month old baby girl. If by sweet I mean fresh and rough. This girl is already giving me a run for my money. She isn’t walking yet, but she is managing to do all of the following just fine:

  • Use the TV media unit as her own personal jungle gym. She tries to hang from the shelf and thinks the cable box is a drum she can bang. 
  • Venture into the bathroom to play with the toilet seat, unroll the entire roll of toilet paper and try to eat it, open the cabinets and take everything out, and try to climb behind the toilet to get at my curling irons and flat iron. 
  • Hang, usually naked, from the knobs of her dresser. For a baby she has phenomenal upper body strength.
  • Make sure that any and every piece of paper I put on a reachable surface is promptly thrown on the floor and eaten. 
  • Constantly throwing my glasses on the floor after violently ripping them off my face. 
  • Throwing the tv remote around until the back cover pops off. And if that doesn’t work, throwing the remote at my face. 

She’s just not a gentle, dainty girl. She is very strong willed already and is becoming an expert at throwing tantrums if she doesn’t get what she wants, so the toddler years should be fun. If I pick her up after she tries to throw my phone in the open toilet bowl, she’ll tense her body, growl at me and then scream right in my face. Then she’ll throw herself face down and kick her feet. The problem I have is that I am always laughing at her antics so I can’t even discipline her. But can you really discipline an 11 month old? Do they even understand? When I do manage to say no to her in a very stern voice she laughs at me!

Aside from her rough and tumble tendencies, she is so much fun I can’t even stand it. She loves to eat everything and anything, and if you’re eating near her she has to immediately crawl over to get some. She’s like a dog this way. And when she’s eating she always holds out her food to you so she can share it. I never taught her this so I don’t know where she got it from but it’s adorable. I mean most of the time it’s disgusting and slobbery and I never actually eat it, but it’s the thought that counts.  She also knows how to blow kisses now, which I never get tired of seeing. She smacks herself in the face so hard when she does it though so I’m half laughing at how cute she is and half concerned that she’s beating herself with no actual concern. She waves hello and bye bye and you can tell the difference because hello is a front wave and bye bye is a backward wave. I sound like a psychopath right now. MY BABY KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HELLO AND BYE BYE I CAN TELL BY HER WAVING!!!

She still doesn’t sleep through the night. I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to wave this around like a badge of honor. When moms tell me their baby has slept through the night from 3 months, I’ll just be like pssshhh. You think that’s something? My baby is almost a year old and has never slept through an entire night. THAT TAKES SKILL AND DEDICATION. Charlotte is dedicated as fuck to making sure I wake up at least once a night. It’s very smart on her part. I don’t think she’s going to sleep from night until morning until I stop nursing her.  Speaking of which, my goal was one year and fucking look at me! I’m not trying to start a mommy war, I’m just speaking from my own personal experiences. I have successfully nursed my baby from the day she was born until now and we are so close to my goal!  I don’t think I have ever been so proud of myself. It’s the most selfless thing I’ve ever done, I think. My plan at a year is to start to wean her from daytime nursing. Only bottles during the day, and then I can stop pumping 3 times at work and only pump once or twice. I’ll keep nursing her at night like I always do, and then once she’s daytime weaned I’ll start to night wean. I’m hoping to be done completely by a year and a half. I can’t think about it though because it makes me so emotional.  That’s another post for another day. 

11 months of this beautiful baby who has taken over my life and my heart in the best way possible. My Charlie girl, I love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea! 

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