I don’t know about any of you parents out there, but I am terrified of Charlotte choking.  Now that she wants to eat all of the things, I’m never sure exactly how big too big a piece of food is.  I’ve gone as far as to swallow whole the things I am feeding her to see if they get lodged in my throat.  Every time she gags on something, my heart stops beating until I can see she’s breathing.  I just have terrible, awful visions of her choking and me not having a fucking clue as to what to do.  Especially because even though I make sure everything is vacuumed every single day and there is nothing on the floor, this child manages to find the stray piece of whatever lying around and immediately places it on her tongue.  Leaves, lint, sock fuzzies, you name it.  So, because I can do as much as possible but not everything to stop a potential choking hazard, finding this video IS A FUCKING GEM.

There is also a video on what to do if your baby stops breathing and how to perform CPR.  I think if Charlotte stopped breathing I would just start screaming and panic because I wouldn’t have a clue what to do.  This video changes all of that!  And both of them are with little puppets and animated figures and it’s just all you need and more.

Infant CPR!

Baby Choking Tips!

Would you look at this shit!  It’s got everything you need.  Puppets, animated figures, singing, rhyming and tips to help your baby not die.  You’re welcome everyone.



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