I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I took a sick day from work.  However, I decided to be smart and ask my babysitter to still come over so she could stay with Charlotte in the morning and I could get a few extra hours of sleep.  WHAT A GOD SEND.  I’m so lucky to have found such a great person to be with Charlie girl two days a week.  I was able to sleep for another THREE (!!!) hours in the morning and was never disturbed by a baby meltdown or loud antics.  She keeps her so entertained!  So then I got up and went out there with them to hang out for a while.  I’m obviously never around to see her in action, so it was nice to be there for a little while.  I asked her to stay so I could run to the store and she obliged.  I went out for about a half an hour, and when I got home I noticed that Charlotte’s door was halfway closed, and then she walked out and said she put Charlotte down for a nap.  I asked her how she gets her down for a nap, since everyone else who stays with Charlotte (me included) comments on how the child refuses to succumb to the wonders of sleep.

“Oh well I just notice when she starts to get tired, and then I bring her into her room and play a lullaby on my phone and sing softly into her ear for a few minutes and then I just put her in the crib and she goes to sleep.  It’s easier now that she doesn’t fight her naps.”

SAY WHATTTTTTTTTT.  Is she taking care of the same baby that I birthed?  I honestly could not believe it.  I still can’t believe it.  It took me a couple of minutes to get my jaw off the floor to tell her that NOBODY, ME INCLUDED, could get the baby down for a nap in such a manner.  Is she some kind of sorceress?  I decided that once she left and it was a few hours later and Charlotte needed a nap I would attempt the magical music technique.

Charlotte kicked the phone out of my hands, looked me dead in the eyes and pointed to the door.  She actually pointed, as if to say, this is not going to work with me so let’s get the fuck out of here right now.  It took me another 10 minutes to get her to sleep on me and then when I put her in the crib she screamed bloody murder before I gave up and picked her up.  Then Eric tried the same thing and she screamed even more, so I got her to nap in bed with me which is how I usually do it when I’m home with her.

Long story short, my babysitter is the baby whisperer.  She does what no one else can do.  Lullabies and soft singing in her ear!  LOL.  All I can do is laugh and be thankful that I have her with me twice a week.

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