Well hellllloooo there.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I’m back at work for a couple of days after a nice chunk of time off celebrating Charlie girl’s first Christmas!  I can’t believe it has come and gone.  She got SO many things.  Toys and clothes galore!  And all she wants to do is chew on the wrapping paper or the remote.  Oh well.

My little boobala is now 10 months old.  I can’t believe she’s going to be 1 in just two short months.  This is the fastest year of my life.  It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.  Here are a few developments during Charlotte’s 10th month:

  • We are sleeping much better than we have been!  Eric and I took the plunge and “sleep trained” her.  She now sleeps in her crib the entire night and has been giving us such an easier time at bed time.  She still wakes up to nurse though, and I’m totally OK with that.  I’m going to start to wean her at a year, so I know our nursing time is coming to a close faster than I would like, so I’m just going to savor these moments now.  I’m so used to not sleeping through the night at this point that my body just expects me to wake up.
  • Her favorite word is hi.  She says HI in the most adorable voice you ever heard whenever she sees you.  HIIII with a little wave.  I can’t even stand it.  I have to get it on video because words can not accurately portray how cute it is.  She’s just starting to say bye now too.
  • She’s starting to stage a revolution against baby food and having people feed her.  She wants regular food, and she wants to feed herself.  Yesterday we went to lunch and I gave her little pieces of my food and she was shoveling it into her mouth as fast as she could.  At night I tried to feed her baby food in her high chair and she refused.  She wouldn’t really eat her breakfast for Eric this morning either, so now I guess we have to start cooking for her.  Joy.
  • She is all about standing and cruising along the couch or having you hold her hands and walking.  She can stand on her own using only one hand to hold onto something now too.  Over the weekend she learned to crawl into the kitchen, stand up using the cabinets and then open the cabinets, so I guess it’s time I set up the baby gate.  She also learned how to open the drawers to her dresser, and has discovered plugs of all kinds, and she wants to violently grab them and have lamps come crashing down.  Everything is a potential danger zone with her.
  • She’s starting to show a lot more affection than she ever has.  She will come over to me and lay across my chest, or put her head on my shoulder on purpose, or just cuddle into me for a few seconds before she goes on her way to more dangerous decisions.  I love it so much.


This is such a fun stage.  I love to watch her discover things and figure out how to do stuff.  I love her little voice when she wakes up in the morning, and the way she is so defiant when she doesn’t want something.  She has her own amazing little personality and every day with her is just the best.  Now I’m off to look for first birthday party invitations, which is enough to send me into a depression.  Too fast I yell ya, too fast.

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