YOU GUYS.  My baby is going to be one in THREE MONTHS.  What in the F is that about?  We took her to her 9 month check up on Monday and I made the appointment for her next visit which will be her ONE YEAR visit and I kind of had a mental break down over it because seriously, HOW FAST IS THIS GOING.  I can’t accept it.

Here are some fun things that Charlie girl is accomplishing in her 9 months on Earth:

  • Still sleeping like an asshole.  Now she does this fun thing where she sits up and doesn’t know how to lay back down so she screams, starts to fall asleep while sitting up and then jerks awake and screams again.  Eric and I are having a really great time with it.  Most fun we’ve had in years.
  • Crawling EVERYWHERE.  When I make dinner when I get home from work she zooms in from the living room and starts to pull at my legs for me to pick her up.  I usually throw 4 or 5 pieces of tupperware on the floor to amuse her, or show her the dishwasher to bang on, or give her a wooden spoon to hit things.  I’m a great mom.
  • Her top two teeth are starting to show signs of coming in.  The doctor said they’ll be here soon so maybe that’s why she doesn’t sleep.
  • She has just started to wave hello ON HER OWN.  It’s wild.  She did it to me yesterday when I walked in the door and she did it to my father in law this morning when he came over.  It’s the cutest effing thing.  I tried to command her to do it so I could get it on video but she didn’t, of course.
  • She’s all about standing up all the time.  Her favorite thing to do is just hold onto your hands and stand there.  It’s a pretty boring game for mama but she loves it.
  • She says mama and dada, and we’re 99.9% sure she knows what she’s saying and it isn’t just babbling.  The other day when she woke up from a nap and saw me laying next to her, she opened her eyes and looked at me and said mama.  And then when she sees Eric she starts in with dadadada.  Even if she doesn’t understand it, we’re just going to pretend like she does because it makes us happy.  Sometimes she says baby too, and other times she just screams random sounds.  I think she just likes to hear her own voice.
  • Last night for the first time she cried when Eric left for work.  He picked her up and she stopped crying and smiled at him and then when he gave her back to me to leave she started to scream again.  She loves her daddy so much!  I can see the future now – big mush with daddy and big bitch to mommy.  Fun times ahead.  If she does that again tonight he can just go right ahead and take her to work with him and I’ll go to sleep thank you very much.
  • Homegirl loves her food, but hated pastina when I gave it to her on Monday.  I was actually offended by this.  Who the fuck hates pastina?  It’s like the nicest thing in the world.  SHE HATES ALL THE NICE THINGS.
  • We took her Christmas pictures last weekend (thanks Auntie Shay and Auntie Bri!) and we’re going to see SANTA this weekend.  I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us.  I remember last year imagining what this year would be like with her.  She’s still too young to understand anything (which is why I only bought her about four things, because she doesn’t know anything about presents) and this year is painful for us because it’s the first year without my grandpa.  Still, I love that she’s here while I decorate and wrap things and have all of her beautiful Christmas outfits ready to go.  My family Christmas party is coming up and we will have 5 babies there!  I want to bring my pack and play and just throw them all in there in their finest Christmas outfits and see what happens.  Like the baby Hunger Games, but without the death and violence.  They can just crawl over each other and drool.
  • She’s wearing 12 month clothing, some of which is too tight.  Her thighs are actually like Walt Disney World turkey legs.  They are so big.  Eric and I asked the doctor if they were too big, because we’re those parents.  But she’s totally fine and just the chunkiest little baby and I’ll have to stuff her into her pants for the time being because she doesn’t fit in 18 months.  Whoever makes baby sizes is a damn fool.  Who goes from 12 months straight to 18?  Where is 15 months?  My 9 month old needs 15 month clothes!


My Charlie girl, you are the biggest joy on this Earth.  I love you more with each day that passes and there is no end to that.  Every month is new adventures.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us, but I hope to God it includes sleeping through the night FOR GOOD eventually.

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