Man oh man have things changed in the 5 days since I last posted.  It is crazy to me how quickly babies learn things and how one day changes to the next.  Since I last wrote, Charlotte has started to crawl backwards, she gives high fives to Eric, she claps hands on command and she is starting to understand the “how big is Charlotte? SO BIG” game that everyone plays with babies.  She even puts her arms out to me whenever I walk by, even when other people are holding her, and she is starting to cry when I leave the room!  She has started to feed herself puffs (that I break in half because I am crazy afraid of choking) and her latest favorite dinner is chicken with spinach, zucchini and QUINOA.  I had quinoa for the first time like 2 years ago and my almost 8 month old is chowing down on the super food.  She eats healthier than I do.  She is also back to sleeping like an asshole, but whatever.  I’m so used to it by now that it’s really just a part of life.  The crawling is amusing to me.  Part of me thinks it is adorable but then a much larger part of me is saying that I did not enjoy the stationary phase of baby life long enough.  How nice it has been to just place her on the floor and have her not move!  Now she is twisting and turning and propelling her tush backwards.  I’m thinking about attaching a swiffer cloth to her belly that way she can kill two birds with one stone.  Clean the floors and practice her mobility.  It’s a win for both of us really.

I took her last night to get her flu shot.  I had to hold her arms because Eric wasn’t with me and I always get really panicky about shots because I hate seeing her in pain and mostly because I hate needles.  Well this child just stared at the doctor and before I knew it the band-aid was on her chubby thigh.  Not a PEEP.  Not a tear, not a whimper, not a cry.  She cried when I put her in the car seat to go home but not when she got a needle in her leg.  Maybe her thighs are just so chubby that she didn’t feel it?  That part of the shot was great, but the poor baby was SO uncomfortable all night.  We had a rough night.  She would wake up screaming, but then thrash around my bed and cry out and be clearly uncomfortable.  She spent most of the night in her crib, so that’s a win, but from 4:15 until we both gave up at 5:30 she was miserable.  Even in her sleep her face looked like she was in pain.  It makes sense, because I can’t even lift my fucking arm after my flu shot yesterday, so I can’t fault her for having a tough night.  Tonight will be better!  I should get those words tattooed on my fucking forehead for all the good they do me.

We’re going on our first family trip in two days!  I am really looking forward to it.  The Mystic Aquarium has an event called Sea Scare, where they set up all Halloween stuff around the aquarium for the kids.  She won’t get anything out of it, but Eric and I will enjoy it.  Sea Scare all depends on the Mets though, because if they are playing all plans are put on hold to watch the game. Is it wrong that part of me wants to buy a selfie stick for this trip?  And by saying I want to buy a selfie stick, it means I’m going to buy one.  Pictures or it didn’t happen!

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