Yesterday was one of those days I dreamed about when I was pregnant.  Eric and I were both off and had nothing to do and spent the whole day as our little family of three.  We woke up and went for breakfast with Charlie girl.  We enjoyed our eggs and toast and home fries and Charlotte enjoyed grabbing napkins and throwing them on the floor.  She smiled at all of the strangers around her and so many people commented on how adorable she was.  One of the waitresses told Eric she looks exactly like him and his entire day was made.  After that we went to Target for two things and left with a $90 bill because that’s what Target does.  That red bulls-eye sucks you in and before you know it you’re throwing your wallet and life savings at the cashier and you end up with a 36 roll of toilet paper and 8 packages of toothbrushes.  Charlotte took her nap while we were in Target so that was fabulous and lasted all of 30 minutes, as per usual.  After that Eric put air in my tires because apparently that’s something you need to do?  I really had no idea.  Charlotte screamed in the backseat because neither one of us wanted to sit there and get air put in the tires but Eric made us do it.  We spent some time at home hanging out and playing, and then around 12:30 the three of us went into bed.  Charlotte was eating and Eric and I watched The Affair and just as the episode was ending she started to drift off to sleep, and then the three of us took a TWO HOUR NAP.  It was so perfect.  Charlotte nursed on and off, the breeze was coming in the windows, it was quiet and comfortable and exactly what we needed.  Around 5:30 we decided we’d take her out for a walk since it was so beautiful out, and we went to the park by our house and followed the trail to the swings and put Charlotte in the swings for the very first time!  It was adorable and lasted all of 10 seconds, but she was smiling and happy and I loved it.  We got back just in time for her bath and she played with her new bath toys that my godson bought for her (with his own money, how ADORABLE IS THAT?!) and then she nursed and went to sleep by 7:15.  Eric and I were able to hang out before the Mets game started, where she promptly began to whine and turn around in her crib about 50 times before she went back to sleep on her own, and then was woken up 2 more times by Eric’s screams.  But she slept until about 4 AM because she’s learning that sleep is a precious gift.  It was just one of those great days where nothing is on the agenda but turns into something you’ll remember.  I love my little family.  Life is so, so good.

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