Oh man are these months flying by.  Little miss Charlie girl is a whopping 7 months old.  She’s going to be one in five months!  The personality on this kid kills me.  She does a fake cry and a fake cough to get attention.  We’ve turned a corner with sleeping at night the past few days where she will lay in her crib and stare at the door waiting for someone to come in to rescue her, cry for 5 minutes and then pretend she’s asleep before she cries out again.  All of this crying is fake, so I refuse to go get her, and she is falling asleep and staying asleep for 6+ hours!  When she wakes up at 3 in the morning because she’s hungry, she looks up at me from the crib like I’m rescuing her from Alcatraz.  She is the funniest little girl.  Eric and I realized that the time to lower her crib mattress is fast approaching, so we tried to do that this weekend and then realized we have absolutely no idea how to do it and should have paid attention to the man who put the crib together back in January.  Anyone want to volunteer to help us?  We are clueless.

She smiles SO MUCH.  All the time at pretty much everyone.  She loves to be out and about and she is nosy and always wants to see what is going on.  My mom took her to the mall on Friday and my mom had to hold her and push an empty stroller so that she could look around and smile at strangers.  I love that she is so happy basically all of the time.

She sits up really well now.  I can leave her sitting with her toys around her and she moves to grab them and shove all of the things in her mouth but she stays sitting.  When she is on her back she also attempts to sit up on her own, but ends up looking like a flopping fish who is straining her neck.  It makes me laugh.  Because she is sitting up I no longer have to use the infant tub when I give her a bath and she can sit in the regular bath tub.  I cried when I put the 4moms infant tub away in our storage closet, because I am a loser.  But I am really enjoying not having to lug that fucking thing out and put it in the bath tub every night.  She still screams at me to eat naked every night after a bath and I’m afraid that’s never going to change.  She’ll probably be 6 years old running naked through the house screaming for after bath snacks.  Speaking of eating, she’s become a pro at eating regular foods.  She has breakfast, lunch & dinner now in addition to nursing.  She still prefers the boob over anything else, but the girl is not passing up her bananas or carrots anymore!

Eric and I are taking our first family getaway with her in October.  We’re going to Mystic, CT for 3 days!  We wanted to go somewhere close enough that we could drive, but not have to drive too far because the beast still hates the car.  We’ve been to Philly & DC in the past few years so we figured Mystic would be a great place since I haven’t been there in 20 years and Eric never has.  We’re going to go to the aquarium and the steam trains and Foxwoods Casino, because that’s what you do with a 7 month old.  This trip is obviously not for her, she’s just coming along for the ride.  I’m really looking forward to it very much!

It makes me sad that she is 7 months old, because time is moving so fast, but seeing how much she changes each month and is learning and growing, makes me so excited to see everything else that is in store.  She is so much fun that I genuinely enjoy hanging out with her!  I love this baby girl of mine.

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