Who designs baby clothes?  I want to talk to them.  Specifically the sweet individuals who design the long sleeve pajamas with the feet and use snaps.  Honestly who thinks the snaps are a good idea?  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?  Because getting these pajamas with the snaps on an almost 7 month old baby is starting to become fucking impossible.  Maybe the people who design these clothes have like really well behaved babies who lay there perfectly still when you are trying to snap them into the pajamas.  But me?  I have a baby who hates getting dressed to begin with, so when you add in the fact that she now rolls all over and basically tries to do a back handspring as I try to dress her for bed, the snaps are no good.  We have a few zipper onesie pajamas that are my favorite, but the bastards who design those make sure that your baby outgrows them after 2 wears.  And the snaps are just everywhere you look, at every baby store.  I can’t snap her in fast enough and by the time I snap one leg shes kicking me with the other and when I try to snap in that leg she’s trying to flip over and THEN I realize in my haste I snapped it wrong so I have to do it all over again and by the time I unsnap her she has both of her legs out and she’s on her belly trying to eat her bookcase furniture and I am sweating profusely.  This is every night.  EVERY NIGHT.  So to the makers of baby clothes, I hate you and your snaps.  Your snaps suck.  They don’t even snap quickly, you have to really give it some effort to get them closed and that’s just impossible with Kung Fu baby moves.  I can’t be the only person who has trouble with this shit.  Fucking snaps.

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