Multitasking and doing things quickl with a baby can be nearly impossible. The other day I was holding Charlotte as I ate a meatball out of a dish like a dog while I tried to clean one of her bottles. This is an actual thing that occurred. I know that it isn’t necessary to have everything done this very second, but I’m just not that type of girl. If I want every bottle cleaned the second I get home, I can’t relax until I clean every bottle. It’s ridiculous and I can’t change it or relax myself in this way, but because of this I’ve learned some really great ways to multitask. I’m able to wear Charlotte in my baby wrap while I clean the kitchen and put away groceries or quickly clean the bathroom, I eat like I’m trying to win some sort of competitive eating contest and I can get dressed in seconds flat.  I’m even able to check work emails and make some phone calls while I change her or get her ready for bed.   I’m looking forward to when Charlotte starts crawling so I can attach swiffer cleaner clothes to her body so she can help me multitask. Oh man this kid is going to be in for it when it’s time to do chores. You want to watch Mickey Mouse? Well you better fold laundry while you do. I’m only kidding. Maybe. 

Anyway, I’m doing the best kind of multitasking right now.  I’m writing this blog post while holding my sleeping child who desperately needed a nap while getting a pedicure.  I am getting shit done. 

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