Here is an actual real live thing that happened today.  Actually, it happened within the last half hour.

I was waiting outside of a salon for my friend to come out to walk back to work, and it is located right next to a fancy schmancy pre-school.  Seriously, every stroller lined up outside was the exact same million dollar elaborate stroller that all the rich people have.  They would probably vomit on the street if they saw my Graco click connect.  OH WELL.  Anyway, all the parents and children (and the nanny brigade.  Seriously, they all had nannies.) were going to the front of the school to take photos with the cute little sign that was posted outside that said “My First Day of Pre-School!” (because that isn’t overplayed yet) and I was just watching this all go down because I had nothing else to do while I waited.  Then a little girl in an adorable blue dress and red patent leather shoes comes with her parents (and her nanny) and stands in front of the sign, and I guess the little girl realized that shit was about to go down, and it was shit she did not like.  So she started to cry.  She cried when she took a picture with her mom, she cried when she took a picture with her dad, she cried when her nanny handed her Elmo.  No photos for the nanny I guess.  Shame.  Anyway, the little girl was really letting it loose, and just as she hit her crescendo I felt an all too familiar feeling that is not welcome in public.  My milk let down.  I guess my body decided it was time to feed the screaming toddler and the milk began to flow.  Thank GOD I had tissues on me and was able to stuff them into my bra and run back to work before my dress got two nipple size wet stains.  Hashtag breastfeeding problems.

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