I’ve been back at work for over two months now.  Say whaaaaat?  When I think back to that first week of July and how absolutely awful I felt, I never actually thought I’d make it to where I am now and be doing okay.  But the really weird thing is is that I am doing more than okay.  Working and being a mother is my new normal, and I really don’t hate it at all.  I’ve read so many things online about women who keep apologizing for having to work, women who cry every single day because they are away from their babies and some women who just give up entirely and back in July I thought for sure that this was going to be me.  I was going to be a weepy mess who couldn’t handle being away from Charlotte, who couldn’t handle the demands of a job and pumping and mothering.  But would you actually believe that I am thriving in this new life?  And I’m not feeling guilty, AT ALL?  It really helps that I have a job I enjoy, a somewhat flexible schedule and the help of a village behind me, that’s for sure.  But it’s so nice to have two aspects of my life that I love and enjoy.  Thank goodness it turned out this way, because I think back to the girl I was that first week of July and I just want to hug her and tell her it will be okay!

In other news, Charlotte seems to just be getting all of her teeth all at once and it’s Operation Orajel every damn day.  There is so much drooling and biting and crying that I wouldn’t mind if every tooth came in at once and she looked weird because of it just to get this shit over with.  Teething is rough and lasts forfuckingever.

On the food front she has tried the following: oatmeal, peas, carrots, string beans, sweet potato, squash & applesauce.  Today was her first time with the applesauce and she gave 0 fucks about it, which is surprising because I thought kids went ape shit over sweet things?  She’s a fan of sweet potatoes and peas the most, but honestly the kid just wants her bottle or my boob.  Feeding her is annoying.  I wish I could just give her the spoon and say HAVE AT IT KIDDO.  I’m a really great mom.

Mama is having a NIGHT OUT TONIGHT.  Charlie girl is spending the entire day/night with my dad while I’m at work and then go out for a work function (cocktails and dinner).  I’m sure I will pay for this night out when she decides to party all night when I get home, but she’s my dad’s problem right now!  God speed my father, god speed.

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