Charlotte can officially roll over!  We may be a little late to this party, but for the last few days she has been turning from back to tummy all day, every day.  She is even waking up at night to flip her little ass over and sleep on her tummy!  YAY FOR BELLY SLEEPING!  It’s not making her sleep any longer, but whatever.  It’s a new skill!  She is learning shit!

For the past two nights Charlie girl has slept larger portions of the night IN. HER. CRIB.  She is starting to put herself to sleep all on her own when she wakes up too.  NOW let’s not get ourselves too excited.  The child is still waking up every few hours to eat/cry/get stuck on her back because she has yet to master the roll back to her back.  It’s very strange to me that she is having no issues rolling one way but can’t figure out how to return to the starting position.  All in good time, I guess.  But last night she was only in bed with me for 45 minutes until she started kicking me so violently that I had this instinct that hey, maybe she wants to be on her belly, and I put her back into her crib and she flipped her little tushie over and back to sleep she went.  I was so proud I could have cried.  But I didn’t cry because I was so fucking tired from the four other wake ups that I passed out within seconds until my alarm went off for work.  BUT DO YOU SEE THE PROGRESS WE ARE MAKING HERE?!

In addition to rolling over, Charlotte has no eaten string beans, carrots & butternut squash.  She wasn’t too sure about the string beans, LOVED the carrots and really isn’t a fan of the squash.  Last night she ate a whole bowl of it mixed with her oatmeal and cried the entire time.  But she kept opening her mouth to eat it so I kept feeding her, so not too sure what was going on there.  Next up is peas, avocado & sweet potato.  AND THEN ON TO THE FRUITS!  She is going to love fruit because it’s sweet and she will love all the sweet things like her father.  They will be two sugar addicted diabetics.  I escalated that really quickly.

Here is a little video of the rolling wonder I took last night. IS SHE NOT THE CUTEST EVER?! 

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