So today we went back to the pediatrician for the second time in two weeks. I feel like I should just write them a check for $1,000 dollars and say it’s for all future copay’s since I’m coming every week now. Last week we took her because I noticed her right leg is bigger than her left leg. INSANE I KNOW. I still don’t have any answers on that but nobody seems to concerned so Charlotte can live with her extra chunky thigh on one side. This is probably why the child has yet to roll. 

We were back at the doctor today after a horrendous night of sleep that involved lots of crying because of a stuffy nose but then I saw a rash all over the child’s body. Nothing freaks me out faster than a rash. She had it on her back and her chest and I already had her diagnosed with legionnaire’s disease and spending her life in a plastic bubble. It turns out she’s sweaty and got heat rash. 

So I rushed to the doctor for a chubby leg and a sweaty baby.  Just take all my money now doctor, the crazy train has just begun. 

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