I was worried about not finding the time or energy to exercise once I came back to work, and even though it’s only been three days, I WAS RIGHT.  The past two nights Charlotte has been awake as if she’s a newborn again, and I am exhausted.  HOWEVER, my commute is making up for the lack of Jillian Michaels DVD’s in a fantastic way.  You see, I am so excited to get home to her at night, that I legitimately sprint through my evening commute.  I park my car on the street in Forest Hills and then walk to the subway, where I take two express trains to get to work.  I leisurely stroll for the morning commute.  The evening is a different story.  I run out of the building, I hop on the first train and then I TEAR ASS to the second train.  Once I’m off that train I run the entire way to my car.  It took me 14 minutes to walk from my car to the train yesterday morning.  Coming home?  It took me 8.  I was sweaty and near fainting, but I got home at 5:11!  WIN.

Now here is where I think I’ve lost my damn mind.  When I’m at work I am distracted and fine.  I am relishing the fact that I can wear nice necklaces that would otherwise be a weapon to Charlotte’s face, and the fact that I can eat a hot breakfast and lunch.  Then I get home and for some reason I become super emotional.  Last night I ripped my dress off after the evening sprint, so here I am standing in my bra and underwear clutching onto my smiling baby.  But the kicker is that this song my mom found has now become my theme song for when I arrive home:

My Mommy Comes Back

I can’t stop singing it.  So here I am, wearing no clothes, holding my baby and singing through tears MY MOMMY COMES BACK, SHE ALWAYS COMES BACK, over and over again.  Perhaps I am a little nuts.

Anyway, TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!

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