It took me two hours to eat two eggs and one slice of toast this morning.  This is pretty much my morning every morning, and I’m sure every mom out there has the same struggle. The second I got Charlie to relax after feeding her and took the eggs out, her little eyelids shot open and she screamed to be held.  I would totally let her scream for 5 minutes while I shoved food into my mouth, but my husband gets home from work at 8:30 and he’s trying to sleep at least three hours before she screams for something else, so I quickly scooped her up and turned off the stove. She started to drift off again, I clicked the gas on and she woke up again. I honestly think she finds pleasure in watching me starve.  I calmly told her that if mommy doesn’t eat she will stop making milk and then you won’t eat either. She looked at me with those alert blue eyes and let out a huge burp, followed by spit up. Touché, Charlie girl. Touché. 

I finally am able to finish preparing the meal without the blood curdling screams of death emitting from my child, and I sit down to eat it with her hiked up over my shoulder. She doesn’t want me to use a fork and get the food to my mouth like a normal person without squirming and screaming, of course. So this morning I ate my scrambled eggs like a dog. I just think you all need to know this. 

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